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Pushing the Boundaries with ActivEdge.


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Activ Surgical empowers surgeons, patients, hospitals and strategic partners in surgical imaging with an innovative technology platform and products that are unlike anything else on the market.

The launch of revolutionary digital surgery platform, ActivEDGE, offered the opportunity to create an educational industry narrative on the inefficiencies of today’s visualization solutions for surgeons, and the necessity of real-time blood flow imaging to avoid preventable surgical errors.

The Solution

Seismic seized this opportunity with an impactful product launch media campaign utilizing targeted articles, press releases, and a social media strategy. The campaign positioned Activ Surgical for long-term success as a leader and innovator in the robotic-assisted surgery market.


Our public relations efforts highlighted the broad potential impact of Activ Surgical to improve surgery outcomes, which led to more in-depth coverage at launch in marquee tech and healthcare publications, including a feature in TechCrunch. The campaign continued to earn a steady drumbeat of news following the launch, including the announcement of the company’s $15 million funding round, which earned 18+ news placements and further cemented Activ Surgical’s place in the media landscape. The visibility helped the company close its $45 million Series B less than a year later which resulted in 27 articles in the companies target business and trade outlets.

The Results

Aside from garnering coverage in 130 articles and 365M+ impressions, these efforts moved the company from a position of pursuing media, to being a “must include” in stories about the use of AI, robotics and machine learning in surgical procedures, which ultimately included a broad industry feature with Modern Healthcare.

Additionally, Seismic implemented a fast-growing social media presence for Activ Surgical, which significantly grew Activ Surgical’s LinkedIn following within six months through consistent, highly-relevant, and engaging content.

earned articles
organic increase in LinkedIn followers

“Seismic’s partnership has been invaluable in building preference with the right audiences, and our results speak for themselves.”

Jill Binney, Vice President