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Out of the shadows and into the bright future of enzymatic DNA Synthesis


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The Solution

The Seismic Collaborative came in and together, with consistent momentum, we lifted that shadow. In early 2018, DNA Script secured $8 million innovation grant money from the EU and European and US investors. This news caught a lot of attention, from SynBioBeta and GenomeWeb to WIRED. Soon after, DNA Script announced that it had written a 50-base single strand of DNA at the GP-Write Conference in Cambridge, MA. Megan Molteni, formerly of WIRED and Antonio Regalado of MIT Technology Review attended the talk and met with the founders. A few months later, DNA Script announced a new milestone — a 150-base strand of DNA — which was covered exclusively by Science ahead of the official presentation at SynBioBeta’s Global Synthetic Biology Conference. GenomeWeb and Nature also reported on this significant news. The company picked up momentum in 2020 and 2021 announcing new data, IARPA funds, its $38.5 million Series B including Seismic client Illumina Ventures, followed by collaborations with Moderna and GE Research as part of DARPA and announcing the commercial launch of its SYNTAX System, the first benchtop nucleic acid printer powered by Enzymatic DNA Synthesis (EDS) technology.


The Results

During a year when the primary news driver has been surrounding COVID-19, Seismic has secured more than 50 standalone earned articles for DNA Script since the beginning of 2021, and has coordinated partnerships with highly-respected scientific journalists.

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