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Establishing credibility in a skeptical market.


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Truvian is a disruptive health technology company that has developed a groundbreaking benchtop blood testing system. Despite their early success, they found themselves in the shadows of media and industry skepticism of the Theranos scandal around health tests using a small blood sample. Their business has a much different story to tell about how the company answers the unmet need of making routine health testing convenient, affordable and actionable for today’s connected consumer.

The Solution

A cadence of announcements and launches were issued, including the company’s $27.1 million Series B financing, leadership expansion, Truvian’s new headquarters opening event that included local dignitaries, and details on the company’s esteemed scientific advisory board members. Finally, in the wake of the pandemic, Truvian announced a $105+M Series C financing further elevating the company out of the shadows of Theranos and as a force for disrupting routine blood testing.

Through these key media wins, Seismic was able to establish Truvian CEO Jeff Hawkins as an industry thought leader in the comprehensive diagnostic space, while also showcasing Truvian as an innovation powerhouse n in the San Diego region, validating the company’s credibility and position.

The Results

With the help of Seismic, Truvian was able to break free from the adverse stigma, and establish its own credibility. All of these combined, focused efforts led to expansive coverage, including 130 articles, 1 Billion people reached, a KGTV (San Diego) broadcast segment airing in 16 major markets, and ultimately a consistent, prominent share of voice, leading against its chief competitors for four consecutive quarters.

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“Seismic has been my chosen PR agency partner for years. When I want results, I know exactly who to turn to.”

Katherine Atkinson, Senior Vice President