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Indispensable from
day one

Our innovative business model brings the rock steady core strength of a day-to-day agency team to every partnership, and the flexibility to activate specialized resources when needed. We don’t rest on our laurels or past achievements. We are always striving to do better, with a culture that actively reaches into uncharted territory. It’s where we achieve the most success.



We are category creators, market shapers and thought leadership architects.

Vikki Herrera
Executive Vice President
Melissa Laverty
Executive Vice President
Lisa Rodriguez
Kim Purcell
VP of Operations and HR
Valerie Enes
Vice President
Steve Atkinson
Vice President of Executive Media Engagement
Sharon Kenney
Vice President
Kristen White
Account Director
Kristen Kirkpatrick
Josh Baxt
Science Writer
Michael Sullivan
Senior Account Executive
Caroline Rutten
Account Executive
Laura Often
Strategic Consultant
Nicholas Rhoades
Account Coordinator
Chanelle Jimenez
Strategic Consultant
Jennifer Decker Arevalo, FACHE
Healthcare and Medical Copywriter
Stephen Riffle
Science Writer
Jenner Junghans
Science Writer
Luke Rodriguez
Ryan Leavitt
Account Coordinator
Audra Nunnink
Strategic Consultant
Stefanie James
Strategic Consultant