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Chanelle Jimenez

Strategic Consultant

San Diego

Chanelle is a creative marketing and communications professional with a trifecta of expertise in graphic arts, event planning and content development. Prior to Seismic, Chanelle worked at the Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar supporting graphic design, event planning, media visits and multi-segmented campaigns. She applied those skills while acquiring new ones as she jumped through the mobile phone and security infrastructure tech industries, pharmaceutical, medtech and scientific research industries. 

Chanelle is passionate about creating effective, multi-channel communication plans that inform, engage and connect people with a common purpose. As an internal communications expert for Team Seismic, Chanelle develops internal communication plans, writes organizational announcements from leaders, produces leadership videos and creates visuals to effectively complement our clients’ brand, positioning and storytelling.


What does collaboration mean to you?

I believe the best stories are made from a collective of diverse perspectives. We all know where we want to be, but how we get there–and with whom–makes all the difference. The journey influences how we communicate, how we connect, where we find common ground and how we grow together.

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