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Kim Purcell

VP of Operations and HR

San Francisco

Kim is an accomplished executive with over 25 years of experience in enterprise leadership. Her areas of expertise include executive leadership, operational management, and interdepartmental collaboration. She utilizes experience in public relations, corporate retail merchandising, human resources, marketing, and non-profit executive boards and has a Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard University.    

Kim manages the flow of business operations to promote an effective, efficient team and high client satisfaction. Thriving in Seismic’s rapidly changing and evolving environment, Kim is a quick study, versatile, and always prepared for a challenging problem to solve.


What does collaboration mean to you?

Collaboration is the sharing of ideas among uniquely talented individuals to arrive at more powerful, inventive and successful results. Excellent collaboration demands being open-minded, adaptable, respectful and dedicated to the success of the team.

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