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Luke Rodriguez


New York City

Luke Rodriguez is a multidisciplinary artist/web designer who has been based out of New York City since 2020. With a background in social media marketing as well, Luke combines his skills in these areas to collaborate with others and bring creative and futureproof ideas to fruition. Luke has worked within the life science, fashion, tech, automotive, financial, and sporting industries to create compelling design and curate images, webpages, and social media posts specific to a business's goals.

Why is storytelling your purpose?

The relationship between story and art is where I draw the most inspiration for my work. A story cannot be told without visualizing how it will end, and that visual representation connects people to one another, and also to ideologies and missions. If I want to communicate a concept to a friend, relative, or a client, creating an immersive experience for them through words and visuals is the best way to be heard.

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