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Michael Sullivan

Account Supervisor


For the last three years, Michael Sullivan has worked alongside Seismic’s cutting-edge health and life science clients shaping the future of healthcare. Michael’s innate skills and intuition for traditional earned media have generated story opportunities with journalists at prominent news publications such as TechCrunch, as well as a swathe of targeted health and life science vertical publications. His knowledge of media intelligence research tools has honed an ability for identifying the trending stories and companies shaping the future of the industry, and the ability to distill data into actionable form to produce results-driven media strategies and plans. 

Michael also manages many of Seismic’s successful thought leadership programs, which span content, social, speaking opportunities at prominent industry events and awards programs to promote executive, product and company achievements. He has been successful in earning multiple high profile industry honors for clients, including publications like The Scientist: Top Innovations 2020 for Seven Bridges GRAF portfolio.

Why is storytelling your purpose?

The act of storytelling to me, no matter the topic, is all about informing, educating, and enlightening those around us. It is an innate part of the human experience, and one I have always found great joy in. With Seismic, I have been given the great opportunity of taking the many transformative and (often complex) healthcare innovations of our clients, distilling the information into easily understandable and actionable form, and bringing the important stories of our clients to a wider and relevant audience.

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