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Valerie Enes

Vice President

San Francisco

Valerie is known for her tenacity in proactive media relations and earned media programs to position her clients for maximum exposure and growth. Her strong relationships and ability to leverage industry hot topics combine to create a dynamic and steady cadence of positive visibility for clients. She has consistently landed prominent coverage in business, trade, broadcast and vertical outlets such as BusinessWeek, New York Times, CNN, USA Today and Wall Street Journal, to name a few, in addition to a wide range of health and life science outlets.

She enjoys working with and developing friendships with so many amazing writers admiring and applauding them for what they do in being at the front line of industry developments.

Prior to years of consulting and her current role with Seismic, Valerie worked at Porter Novelli specializing in media relations for consumer electronics, business-to-business software and telecommunications clients. In her tenure at the agency, she worked on numerous successful launches for HP while handling day-to-day client account management, and facilitating outreach and communications for products such as consumer printers, scanners and PDAs, as well as HP’s embedded software ChaiVM.

She also played a key communications role in the launch of Qualcomm's wireless platform for data application (BREW) and its 3G CDMA technology communications efforts, including the first commercial launch of wireless broadband technology (EVDO).

Before joining Porter Novelli, she was a member of the Global Technology team at MSL Group where she generated product visibility for Hitachi, Motorola, and Resumix as well as various high tech start-ups.


What does collaboration mean to you?

Collaboration and communication are at the heart of every relationship whether it be with the client, a team member, a press member or a combination of all of the above. It is important to listen to each and work together to tell a story that impacts the industry and potentially the world. It is certainly a team effort that is rewarding and a win for all.

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